®: Parking without limitations

the surveyors' contribution for persons with reduced mobility will be a web based cartographic platform which will make it possible to find the position of parking spaces for disabled persons in Europe.

The CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors) and its 36 member countries will make considerable efforts to set up this service for disabled persons. The CLGE member associations of each country will coordinate the data collection regarding the parking spaces according to precise criteria and enter the geodetic data as well as photographs into the data bank. Therefore they will cooperate whenever it is possible with the competent European and national Administrations. The service will be compatible with the European Directive INSPIRE. After successful implementation of the service, information on the parking spaces can be consulted online at the following address: The same information will also be downloadable with mobile applications.


Parking spaces for disabled persons are not shown in the majority of information systems and on other local or regional maps. The reason for this is the fact that those parking spaces have not been systematically mapped. However, certain platforms containing such information exist, but they are often deficient, which implies tedious research for the users. Despite progress made in new construction and the development of specific planning in recent years, mobility is still problematic for people with disabilities.

This is why CLGE has initiated the® project on the basis of a prototype project in Switzerland ( and a technical solution was found.

They have set themselves the goal of improving the situation for disabled persons in the long term. The contact with IGS (Ingenieur Geom├Ętre Suisse) as a partner has been established in this context in order to make it possible to collect data on the parking spaces throughout the national territory. The search for sponsors will enable us to launch the start-up phase and the technical coordination of the project.